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Cesar Giraldo Teaser

The capsule collection designed by Cesar Giraldo x Studio for Studio • M features artisanal hand-blown glass elements colored in cloud-like clear glass with white swirls or a combination of gradient glasses of smoked grey and warm amber tones.
The glass’ hand-crafted dimples refract dedicated LED lighting that highlights an undulating silhouette throughout the fixture. Casting omnidirectional light across a thin tube of white acrylic encased within a larger vacuum of clear glass, the airy compositions appear to be floating while providing ample lighting and substantially filling space.
“Light was my first point of contact;
light became my first curiosity.”

A fascination kept alive by the changes that sunrise and sunset presented in my surroundings, separating day from night.

The Gusto capsule collection was inspired by my fascination with the power of light and the architecture of my recent project, 1859, a modern masterpiece — its unique, sleek defined curved exterior, and the clean lines, geometric shapes and free-flowing spaces that define the interiors, softly splashed by light.

— César Giraldo
“An illuminated environment brings people together, in focus a dimmed space welcomes the mind into poetic bliss, and between the two you find Gusto, bridging the transitions and creating an experience.”

1859 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles, CA

The feature collection forms part of a meticulously curated list of luxury brands that brings comfort and elegance to the residential.
Award - Winning Tag Front, Architeture.
World - Renowned César Giraldo, Design.




Studio M Lighting

253 North Vineland Ave.

City of Industry, CA 91746



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