Mysteriously illuminating from above, below, or within, StarStrand® LED Tape Lighting discreetly goes where no light has gone before – even under water. Unthinkably thin strips of LEDs adhere to surfaces unfit for traditional fixtures, bathing the most unusual places with dimmable warm white light or a remote-controlled rainbow of vibrant colors for a virtually undetectable, surprisingly unpredictable effect.

Types of LED Tape Lighting

12 Volt

Use 12 volt standard strip light to add a soft glow to nooks and crannies where traditional lighting won't reach. Comes in sections as short as 4 inches to as long as 16 feet.

24 Volt

Use 24 volt standard strip light in applications that require a higher voltage or where you want to use longer runs of strip light. Available in 4-inch sections up to 16-foot spools. CFLs allow for more precise CFL control than standard incandescent and halogen dimmers.

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